CUSTOM wallet // clutch (envelope system)


This listing is for a CUSTOM WALLET // CLUTCH for the ENVELOPE SYSTEM.

To order, please visit and email your top 3 fabric selections to Maggie ( If you need help getting started with direction, please email Maggie with the fabric design you envision (color and/or pattern).

This item is made-to-order and will ship approximately 10 business days once the fabric has been selected.

See our POLICIES page for shipping + cleaning instructions.

* * *

Organize your wallet essentials & cash system envelopes with a zipped clutch, a very versatile Gussy product!

- features 6 debit card slots (each slot holds up to 3 cards)
- check book + pen
- up to 10 envelopes (not included)*
- note cards, pens + stamps
- external zipped pocket for coins or additional debit/gift cards
- additional wallet essentials

Features a large ruffle on the front side, a metal YKK zipper, and durable inside fabric.

Measures 8.5" x 5.5", outsize zipped pocket is 8.5" x 4"

*Please note this wallet DOES NOT come with any envelopes. Once purchased, simply add your personal envelopes to your Gussy Sews wallet. Carry inside your Gussy wallet the envelopes you need daily, keep the rest at home securely inside a locked safe box. This way you are only carrying the envelope categories that are essential to day-to-day use (and not every single category your family sets aside cash for, like annual memberships or categories with infrequent use). This wallet design allows you to discreetly carry cash without removing multiple envelopes while at the store checkout. Simply open your zipped wallet and pull out the needed cash without removing any envelopes, the zipper will NOT catch on the envelope.